Benefits for Business

Clover Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your business more efficiently. Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports—empowering you to see inside your operations and work smarter.

  • Tap, Dip, Swipe - Accept EMV® chip and signature, mag stripe, and contactless payments like Apple Pay® with optional NFC printer or Clover Mini.
  • Faster Than Ever - 8-core, state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon® processor and 4GB memory to run your apps and business faster.
  • Safe and Secure - End-to-end encryption and data tokenization to help protect your customers and business from fraud.
  • Register Plan - Clover Station 2018 comes programmed with a wide range of essential apps.